Am I able to cancel the order?

You have the full right to change or cancel your order before it is shipped. The COD order, however, cannot be cancelled at your door.

Can I change the order?
To change your order, give us a call. The staff will give you more instructions if you choose to pay online.

What forms of payment will you accept?
Cash on delivery and online payments to our bank account are both acceptable.

Can I pay when my order arrives?
You can use our COD option to pay when you receive.

Can I order online and pick it up?
Yes, you can order online, but pick-up is not permitted. If there is an emergency, call us and pick up at our office. Your pick-up time and date will be communicated to you by our customer service representative.

Why can’t I add a product that is displayed on the website to my cart?
This is a result of the item being out of stock.
Which Essential Oil is best for dandruff?
Tea Tree Essential Oil is widely known for treating dandruff. Just add 2 drops of
it in any carrier oil and apply it to your scalp for 20 minutes.

Do your products contain phthalates?
Our products do not contain phthalates. For more information regarding our products, check out the product ingredients on our website.

Which Essential Oil is best for hair growth?
Use few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil with our hair thickness oil for hair growth.
How I review Lylah’s product?
We absolutely love your reviews because they help us maintain and improve the quality of our products. Please write to us at lylahstore@gmail.com or our Instagram and facebook page. You can also drop us a review on Google.

What is the best brand in Pakistan for organic products?
Lylah Essential is Pakistan’s best organic brand. Our all the
products are made without chemicals.

How can I get long lasting chemical free lip and cheek tint?
Lylah Essential has long lasting chemical free lip and cheek tint in three different shades, you can purchase it online.
Are Bath Bombs only use for bath?
No, Lylah’s bath bombs are not using only for bath, they are also use as a pedicure and manicure. 
Are your all products are unisex?
Our most of products are unisex equally effective for women and men such as hair thickness oil, essential oil, roll-ons, lip scrub, Body scrub, bath salt and bath bombs.

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