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Bath Bombs


What is a Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are without a doubt the most Instagram-friendly skin care products, they are colorful , fun and a perfect relaxing solution to your tiring day. Lylah Essentials has picked bath bomb scents very carefully, offering our customers a wide range to choose from.  Lylah Essentials offers you a colorful, cheering, rainbow bath bomb experience. Our bath bombs is the best bath bombs in Pakistan. Make your shower time worth it.

Bath Bomb Ingredients

– Mixture of organic powders

– Bath bomb scents extracted from all natural fruits

– Chemical free colors

How to use bath bomb

Follow these steps to have a wonderful shower experience with the best bath bomb in Pakistan.

Step 1

Fill your tub with warm water. Make sure that your tub is clean. You can use a bucket or a small tub as well.

Step 2

Take Lylah Essentials bath bomb and toss it into the tub.

Sit and relax in the colorful, enchanted water and breath all your worries out.


Beach Bum, Galaxy, Citrus, Enchanted, Rose, Motia, Lavender, Unicorn, Fruity, Apple, Berrylicious, Mystical, Mango Tango


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