Refund and Returns Policy

In accordance with our return or exchange policy, we accept returns or exchanges made within 48 hours of receiving your order. You are responsible for paying the shipping costs to return the items to Lylah essential in their original condition, and we will not pay those costs.

If a mistake was made on our end or a product was damaged when it was delivered, we will help you with the exchange. Complaints are escalated with the order number and product picture only 7-8 hours after the customer receives the product. No complaints will be handled following the deadline.

If a customer finds a product to be faulty or damaged, they must return it to The Lylah Essential. Lylah Essential will send a replacement for the product specified on the invoice after receiving it. Customers are responsible for paying the delivery costs for exchanges.

Products used will not be returned or exchanged on the mind changing. If you receive your order and there are any problems, please contact us at the given address within an hour of receiving it yourself and within 7-8 hours of receiving it from someone else.

If the item has been broken, used, or opened, we will not accept it for exchange, so if the customer has a problem with their order, they must contact Lylah Essentials within an hour if they choose to self-pickup and within 7-8 hours if they choose to have someone else pick it up at the specified address.

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